Gail K. Rodgers & Associates Interior Design
Gail K. Rodgers & Associates Interior Design


Over the past 30 years designing, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing unique and breathtaking spaces to their fullest potential. Life, growth, and flourishing beauty, all take part in my vast experience as a designer and each equally lend themselves to every project.

With the globe as my canvas, I’ve been privy to designing spaces on multiple continents, and am proud to have brought these experiences home with me. My drive stems from these very moments, as I believe exposing oneself to the world broadens the mind’s eye.

Mayah Klaudianos

Interior Designer

With close to eight years in curating spaces within the luxury retail market, I’ve been exposed to a multifaceted approach to design and style. With every season, comes a new opportunity to develop a fresh look and feel. My work has taken me to some of the most vibrant cities in the world, exposing me to so much and yet continuously refining my eye for detail. My openness towards style has allowed me to adapt, and my experience has allowed me to curate.

Sophie Gariépy

Interior Designer

Le design est pour moi une manière d’aider les gens avec une approche créative. Diplômée en design intérieur, mes connaissances sont pointues tant au niveau architectural que technique et esthétique. Ma passion pour les arts et la culture est omniprésente dans mes projets. Je m’assure que chaque espace travaillé incorpore une balance entre l’histoire des lieux et la personnalité de ses occupants. Après tout, l’essence d’un projet c’est l’harmonie parfaite entre l’esthétique, l’utile et le juste.


We know through experience that tackling home changes can be overwhelming. To help make these transitions easier, the firm of Gail K. Rodgers Designs & Associates has over 30 years of experience, and can assist you with bringing all of your ideas to real life and have the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Making sure that your ideas are properly relayed to contractors and installers, is all part of what we do. The transition between demolition and installation is critical and is much too costly to make a mistake. Whether you need a plan to submit to the city for permits, or a new layout for your bathroom, we make sure your plans are designed to perfection and that you get the results you want!




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